• Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)


    1. How does a grid tied solar PV system work?

    Electricity generated by the solar PV system will be consumed by the electrical load in your house. Any excess electricity generated will be exported to the national grid. A ‘bi-directional’ meter will be installed in place of the existing one-way meter to record how much electricity has been exported to the grid.


    2. What is the impact on my bills after installing a solar PV system?

    There will be a reduction in the amount of electricity you purchase from the grid after installing a solar PV system at your home. Additionally, any excess electricity that is exported to the grid will be credited to your account.


    3. How will the solar panels affect my roof?

    The solar panels act as an additional layer of protection to your roof, shielding it from the elements and prolonging its life span. Our clients have experienced cooler homes due to the thermal insulation solar panels provide. There is also a significant noise reduction during thunderstorms.


    4. What is the lifespan of a solar PV system?

    The typical lifespan of solar PV systems is 25 years. Our solar panels come with a 25 year warranty.


    5. Will my system still produce power when it’s cloudy or raining?

    Yes, the system will still produce power during cloudy and rainy days. However, the yield will be lower than clear, sunny days.


    6. How do I keep track of the energy generated by the solar power system?

    We will set up a monitoring system that can be accessed via a smart phone app or website. You will be able to track the daily performance of your system.


    7. How do I maintain my solar PV system?

    Solar PV systems typically require minimal maintenance as there are no moving parts in the system. The most important thing is to keep the panels clean. We offer 2 years free maintenance for all our customers. This free service includes 1 on site inspection per year, where we will clean the solar panels and check on the electrical connections.


    8. How long does the whole installation usually take?

    On average, it takes 7-10 working days for the on site installation. Following that, we will apply for testing & commissioning from the utility grid. This process includes electrical design, permitting and inspections.

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