• About Us

    About Us

    Rezeca Renewables is a pioneering Singapore based company in the field of renewable power and energy efficiency. Leveraging on our experience since 2009 in renewable power, we develop and deliver viable and proven renewable energy solutions for the long-term benefit of our clients and the environment.

    We have established ourselves as a leading provider of grid-tied solar power systems in Singapore and Thailand. We are passionate and committed about renewable energy, and eager to do our part for the environment. We hope to have the opportunity to work closely with you, for a sustainable green environment for our families and future generations.


    Our Vision and Values

    Our aim is to help our customers and partners switch to renewable forms of power generation and implement energy efficiency measures, as easily and seamlessly as possible, with proven cost-effective solutions that bring long-term economic and environmental benefits.

    We highly value the environment that our forefathers have given to us, the trust that our customers have placed in us, and the contributions of our employees and business partners.


    Our Team

    Our team comprises of dedicated professionals with backgrounds in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and banking/finance. In our past careers, we were R&D scientists, university lecturers, power plant developers, CFOs, and project finance/corporate bankers. Now, we are simply passionate believers in the future of renewable energy, committed to transforming our vision and values into reality.

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